“In anticipation of resolving some of the issues that businesses will face in the coming months we have developed a series of innovative solutions to provide an immediate response and help protect staff, customers and assets during these challenging times whilst also adhering to the physical distancing and space occupancy guidelines. Provision of systems are only part of the equation and I anticipate that additional business KPIs in the future will be enforcement and auditable reporting of performance against specified targets. We will be working closely with all industry sectors to develop new products and services as the user requirements PLUS future legislations and regulations become more defined.”

– Russell Edwards, Owner / CEO Reveal Systems

Real-time people counting and occupancy reporting

Solutions overview

With a range of technologies installed to monitor the movement and numbers of people entering / exiting a measured space, management teams can comply with strict capacity constraints.
Options include outputs to smart devices and variable message LED display panels to provide specific instructions to people approaching a monitored space.

The technology is GDPR compliant, with all data collected and processed directly in the sensors.

Mobile application for presenting occupancy information onto smart devices

Management and security staff can also access occupancy data directly on a purpose built app.
The installed counting sensors monitor visitor entry / exit numbers and calculate the actual occupancy level of a space. This number can then be transmitted to a smart device (phone / tablet etc.). Local staff responsible for compliance can then act according to the data received.

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Controlling numbers with automated access

Our automated access control gates add another level of control and enforcement to our monitoring systems, providing a barrier physical barrier to correctly control visitor numbers while protecting staff, minimising management costs and saving valuable resource. The gates can be controlled direct from our monitoring system or manually by local override where required. With clear “STOP” and “GO” signals, the gates are controlled by IR sensors, automatically locking when maximum occupancy is reached. Management and security teams are able to set a precise "stopping" point, while the numbers can be logged, so you have a record of your compliance with capacity restrictions. Furthermore, there is no need for any physical card or ticket systems, so staff and visitors are not exposed to further risk of contamination.

Temperature screening to improve health and safety

With thermal imaging technology, shopping centres, supermarkets and retailers can quickly and efficiently detect high body temperatures. As a non-contact, high accuracy solution, Reveal Systems’ thermal imaging device can provide the precise surface temperature of any object (within +/-0.3 degrees centigrade and 1 metre of the sensor). While the camera cannot scan directly for coronavirus, it is a key step in assisting with health, safety and welfare compliance, whilst improving staff and customer confidence.

Precise & powerful software: Create a safe workplace environment

In the coming days, weeks and months, it’s immensely important companies monitor their environments in the most effective way possible, respecting stringent sanitary and occupancy requirements. We deliver valuable real-time data and high-quality technology allowing you to recalibrate your operations and drive impactful results. With our innovative devices and software, we can help you monitor the occupancy levels of all monitored spaces and allow managers to: Adhere to specified occupancy thresholds, comply with social distancing guidelines, measure real-time customer visits, control access efficiently, provide summarised auditable reporting, optimise traffic management strategies, make sense of visitor flow information, accurately understand shopper density, restore customer confidence & ensure compliance with hygiene standards

How can we support you?

As one of many measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), physical distancing is crucial in terms of preventing the spread of COVID-19. According to WHO the virus spreads through close contact between people via droplets, such as sneezing, coughing or hand contamination, while it can also be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces.
With the right technology, systems and procedures in place, it’s possible to maintain a safe environment with tightly controlled social distancing measures. As a result, many businesses can progressively re-open for business – and remain open. It’s true that most factories, retail stores, shopping centres, construction sites, plants, leisure centres, gyms, warehouses, offices, bars and restaurants are not designed for physical distancing, however, the right technology can offer maximum protection as the pandemic evolves, and we can help you overcome a series of critical challenges.


Why choose us?

If you’re getting ready to re-start your operations, we can help you maximise safety and offer expert advice on social distancing and health-related measures. Having developed tailored solutions for shopping centres, factories, warehouses, retail parks, airports, railway stations, museums, public spaces and supermarkets, we can combine the right products and processes with intuitive reporting. We strive to ensure our partners not only survive the pandemic, but thrive when the dust settles.
Data has been hailed as “the new oil,” and it’s undoubtedly going to be one of the most valuable resources in helping businesses across all sectors manage the impact of coronavirus on staff, customers, inventory and operations. With a newly developed data analytics platform and many years of experience, Reveal Systems can support your business through these uncertain times, helping to create an informed and auditable decision process.


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